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FREE childcare for 2 year olds
Did you know that your 2 year old could be entitled to up to 15 hours of FREE childcare each week?
Families on low incomes and receiving certain benefits may be eligible.
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A Montessori education is renown for giving a child the best start to their education.  Children are free to explore a range of materials at Manor Grove to stimulate their learning.

From sandpaper letters to the number rods, our approach supports learning in the key areas, exercises of everyday living, sensorial, language, maths and knowledge & understanding of the world.

Manor Grove is registered with Buckinghamshire County council to provide Free child care for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.  The term after your child turns 2 or 3 , you can claim up to 15/30 hours of free nursery education during term time, Or 12 / 24 hours a weeks over a 47 week period. 

For more information on the extended 30 hours please visit

Manor Grove has a strong working relationship with Roundwood Primary School in our village and can support your child in their transition to school.